Erdős number

Lemma: My Erdős number is at most 3.

Proof: Erdős - Pomerance - Damgård - Me.

My last name

Starts with four consonants in a row. But don’t worry, Tsch is pronounced tch, as in switch.

Side Projects

Post Script Fractal Generator

Did you know that your printer is also a computer? I created the following PostScript-files that allow you to compute and print fractals directly on a printer:

The julia.ps uses the (pseudo)-randomness feature of PostScript and prints a random julia set.

Project idea: Build an offline Bitcoin miner in PS. :smile:


I created a program, called SCBcom, that allows you to control a Calypso Scoreboard from your computer using serial communication.
Drop me an email if you want to know more.


I practice Judo and am a member of the JSC O-Nami Horgen.


I like swimming and have been a board member of the Sc Thalwil for several years.

Additionally, I have been involved in electronic timing for competitive swimming using timing systems from Omega and Alge.