I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Cryptography and Security Group at Aarhus University, Denmark. Before joining the crypto group at Aarhus University, I did my PhD in the Cryptography and Information Security Group lead by Ueli Maurer at ETH Zurich, and even before that, I studied mathematics, also at ETH.


My main research interest in cryptography is multi-party computation. Topics include topology-hiding communication, blockchains, and general adversary protocols.

Recent Publications

  1. Daniel Tschudi
    Selected Topics in Multi-Party Computation
    PhD thesis, ETH Zurich, February 2018.

  2. Christian Badertscher, Juan Garay, Ueli Maurer, Daniel Tschudi, Vassilis Zikas
    But Why does it Work? A Rational Protocol Design Treatment of Bitcoin
    https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/138.pdf, 2018.

    PDF Abstract
  3. Christian Badertscher, Ueli Maurer, Daniel Tschudi, Vassilis Zikas
    Bitcoin as a Transaction Ledger: A Composable Treatment
    In: Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2017 - 37th Annual International Cryptology Conference, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, August 20-24, 2017, Proceedings, Part I, pp. 324–356, Springer, 2017.

    DOI PDF Abstract

A full list of publications is found here or on DBLP.